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Latest Sorry Quotes Status:- If You Did Some Mistakes And Hurt Someone Then You Need To Say Sorry And Express Your Feeling To Others. Here We Provide Latest Sorry Quotes Status, Sorry Quotes Status For Her, Sorry Quotes Status For Him, Latest Sorry Quotes For Fb, Latest Sorry Status For Insta Etc. Keep Sharing.

One Line Sorry Quotes Status

An Apology Is A Good Way To Have The Last Word.

I’m Not Very Good At Saying Sorry, But I Apologize

Never Ruin An Apology With An Excuse.

I’m Sorry No One Saved You

An Apology Is A Good Way To Have The Last Word.

Everybody Was Sorry. Sorry Was Easy. Sorry Was For Suckers

The Only Good Thing About Punctuality Is That It Usually Gets You An Apology.

Sacrifice Is At The Heart Of Repentance. Without Deeds, Your Apology Is Worthless

Never Apologize For Showing Your Feelings. When You Do, You Are Apologizing For The Truth.

An Apology Is The Super Glue Of Life. It Can Repair Just About Anything.

My Life Is An Apology For The Life Of My Father.

I’m Sorry.’ The Two Most Inadequate Words In The English Language.

Nothing Says You’re Sorry Like A Dead Bunny

An Apology Given Just To Appease One’s Conscience Is Self-Serving And Better Left Unspoken!

Faithless Is He That Says Farewell When The Road Darkens.

Sacrifice Is At The Heart Of Repentance. Without Deeds, Your Apology Is Worthless.

I Feel Sorry For Anyone Who Is In A Place Where He Feels Strange And Stupid

Chocolate Says “I’m Sorry” So Much Better Than Words

Right Actions In The Future Are The Best Apologies For Bad Actions In The Past.

An Apology Might Help, But You Can Change Your Life Without One.

An Apology Is A Lovely Perfume; It Can Transform The Clumsiest Moment Into A Gracious Gift.

In This Life, When You Deny Someone An Apology, You Will Remember It At Time You Beg Forgiveness

Would ‘Sorry’ Have Made Any Difference? Does It Ever? It’s Just A Word. One Word Against A Thousand Actions.

I Am The Wisest Man Alive, For I Know One Thing, And That Is That I Know Nothing.

An Apology For The Devil: It Must Be Remembered That We Have Heard One Side Of The Case. God Has Written All The Books.

More People Should Apologize, And More People Should Accept Apologies When Sincerely

Sorry Love Quotes Status

Sometimes The Best Way To Say “I’m Sorry” Doesn’t Involve Words.

My Heart Has Been Leaking And Bleeding Since The Day I Hurt You. Please Plug The Holes With Your Forgiveness. I Am Sorry.

I Have Learned That Sometimes SORRY Is Not Enough. You Actually Have To Change Yourself.

I Just Want To Tell You That I Did Not Really Know What Happened To Me, I’m Sorry, My Love.

Before I Even Ask For Forgiveness, I Want You To Hug Me And Place Your Hand On My Heart So That You Can Feel It Beating For You. You Will Hear The Words ‘I Am Sorry’ With Every Beat.

Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Saying ‘I Love You’ With A Wounded Heart In One Hand And Your Smothered Pride In The Other.

Fools Say Sorry Wise Men Will Prove They Are Sorry.

I’m Sorry For Being So Annoying And Demanding, For The Things That I Did The Wrong Way.

I’m Sorry I Can’t Be The Perfect Girl You Want Me To, But All I Can Really Do Is Try …

I’m Not Perfect, I Make Mistakes, I Hurt People. But When I Say Sorry, I Mean It.

Smart People Always Say Sorry, While The Stupid Ones Just Wait For The Smart One To Say Sorry.

Give Me A Chance To Show You That I Can Be Of Something Worth To You, Let Me Show You.

If You Wanna Love Someone, Then Make Sure Ur Never Gonna Have To Say “Sorry”

I Trust Fate And I Believe In Love, Which Is Why I Know You’ll Accept My Apology. I’m Sorry.

I Want You Back. I’m Sorry. I Should Have Never Let You Go. Am I Too Late?

I Hope You Give Me Another Chance To Prove Myself To You And Show You I Love You.

If Losing You Is My Punishment For The Things I Did Wrong, I Would Rather Die Than See That.

I Am Sorry For Arguing With You. It’s Just That I Want The Best Of Things To Happen In Your Life. Please Forgive Me, Baby.

I Made A Mistake Because I’m Only Human. But I Expect You To Forgive Me Because I Know That You’re So Kind-Hearted. I’m Sorry.

I Can’t Express My Feelings Except To Say; I’m Really Sorry.

Please Excuse All My Actions, Please Forgive The Wrongs That I Had Done To You, Dear You.

Apologizing For What You Feel Is Like Apologizing For Being Real.

Best Sorry Love Quotes Status

I Said “I Love You” And I Meant It. But I Hurt You, Now “I’m Sorry” And I Mean It.

I’m Not Perfect But I’ll Always Be Here Loving You And Holding Your Arms Because You’re All That Matters To Me. I Am Sorry.

There’s Nothing I Want More Than To See You Happy Again. I Am So Sorry For Causing You To Feel Hurt. Will You Please Forgive Me?

There Is A Pain Here In My Heart Ever Since You Have Stopped Talking To Me, I’m Sorry.

You Know You’re Not Sorry If You Cheated You’re Just Sorry You Got Caught.

I Am Sorry I Lied, I Am Sorry You Cried. I Didn’t Mean To Be Rude, Please Forgive Me, Dude.

Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Saying ‘I Love You’ With A Wounded Heart In One Hand And Your Smothered Pride In The Other.

You Can Say Sorry In Over 1000 Ways. Only When It Comes From The Heart, Does It Matter?

Saying Sorry To The Person You Love And Not Mean It Is A Waste Of Time You May As Well Just Leave Her.

Let Me Tell You That I Did Not Like A Single Bit Of What I Did Now That I Had Reflected On It.

Promises Mean Everything .. But Once They Are Broken..Sorry Means Nothing!!

I Am Sorry – If You Accept My Apology We Can Move On From Being Angry And Get On To Being Naughty.

I Cannot Move On Without You. I Am So Sorry For All I’ve Done. Please Forgive Me, My Love.

Sorry Quotes For Her

Honey, I Am So Sorry For My Awful Behavior! I Will Not Act That Way Again.

Your Bitterness Is Something I Cannot Stand. Please Forgive Me For My Mistakes And Let Us Continue Our Sweet Relation Again.

I Hate To See You Cry. I Know That You Are Mad At Me And Cannot Believe What I Say, But I Love You And Hate Myself For Hurting You. Let’s Fix This Together. I Promise To Listen And Be More Understanding.

Dear, L Never Want To See You Suffer. I’m So Sorry… I Love You.
When People Are In Love, They Fight, Because They Care About Their Significant Other. And I Care About You The Most. I’m Sorry For Being Rude And Hurting Your Feelings, Love. I Have Never Meant To Hurt You.

Sorry For Being Aloof And Making You Feel That I Don’t Care For You. I Promise To Behave In A Way That Mimics Our Love

An Apology Is The Least I Can Do But It’s A Start. Let Me Tell You That I Fully Understand How Silly And Inappropriate I Acted, I Love You More Than Everything. I’m So Sorry.

Look At The Stars Tonight, They’ll Whisper: “I Am Sorry For What I’ve Done”. I Love You.

I Will Wait For Your To The Eternity If That’s What It Takes To Earn Your Forgiveness.
Sorry Dear. I Understand My Mistake.

An Apology Is Nothing, Compared To What I’ve Done, But Still, I Know That You Have A Forgiving Heart. I Apologize For What I Have Done. There’s No Excuse For What I Did.

You Know That It Has Been Hard For Me To Come Clean And To Apologize, But I Was Wrong And I Apologize For The Hurt And Sadness That I Have Caused You.

Our Love Is Strong And Boundless, Let’s Not Let The Petty Grievances Harm This Beautiful World Of Understanding And Tenderness We Have Created Togerther. I Love You And I Ask For Your Forgiveness.

I Can’t Believe How I Drove Us Apart, When All I Ever Wanted Was For Us To Be Together… Now And Forever. I Am Sorry.

I Know That Words Do Not Diminish The Pain I Caused You, But, Nevertheless, I Am So Sorry… I Love You,

I Am Afraid To Lose You, For Me, You Are My Ideal Woman. I’m Sorry For My Stupid Jealousy That Has Damaged Our Relationship, I Am Going To Work Hard On Dealing With My Jealousy As It Is My Issue.

Our Relation Was Supposed To Be Immune To The Earthly Diseases Called Fighting, Arguing And Lies. Now I Have To Take The Counter Measure Called Sorry To Save This Beautiful Relationship.
I Am Really Sorry Baby.

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