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200+ Latest Funny Quotes For Girls 2020

Written by yogesh kumar

Latest Funny Quotes For Girls 2020 :- Girls Often Become Meme Materials When They Do Some Funny And Awkward Stuff And Looks A Bit More Funnier Than Men.Here We Provide Latest Funny Quotes For Girls 👩 2020, Best Latest Funny Quotes For Girls, Very Funny Latest Funny Quotes For Girls, Insta Latest Funny Quotes For Girls Etc Keep Sharing.Keep Enjoy.Keep Loving.

One Line Funny Quotes For Girls

I’m Going Bald From Stress But My Mustache Is Thicker Than Ever.

There Are Two Theories To Arguing With A Woman. 👩 Neither Works.

As Long As Everything Is In One Place, My Room Is Clean.

Anyone Who Says He Can See Through Women 👩 Is Missing A Lot.

Scientists Now Believe That The Primary Biological Function Of Breasts Is To Make Men Stupid.

If You Can Magically Find Money In My House, Then You Deserve To Keep It.

I’m Currently In A Relationship With The Food In My Fridge.

I Can’t Be Responsible For The Decisions I Was Allowed To Make Alone.

To A Smart Girl Men Are No Problem – They’re The Answer.

There Are Only Three Things Women Need In Life: Food, Water, And Compliments.

There Is No Female 👩 Mozart Because There Is No Female Jack The Ripper.

Funny Girly Quotes For Instagram

The Only Reason I’d Ever Get A Sex Change Operation Is To See What It’s Like To Be Right All The Time.

Girls Are Like Pianos. When They’re Not Upright, They’re Grand.

The Most Terrifying Thing Any Woman Can Say To Me Is “Notice Anything Different?”

All Men Are Convinced That All Women Suffer From Attention-To-Their-Appearance

On One Issue, At Least, Men And Women Agree. They Both Distrust Women.

Keep Calm And Love A Short Girl

Being A Woman Is A Terribly Difficult Task Since It Consists Principally In Dealing With Men.

In A Perfect World, All Of A Woman’s Issues Could Be Fixed With WD-40 And Duct Tape.

And Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce.”

If The World Were Ruled By Women 👩 Then There Would Be No War… Just Couple Of Nations Not Talking With Each Other.

Funny Cute Quotes For Girls

I’m Not Short. I’m Fun Sized, Bite-Sized, Vertically Efficient, Adorable, Dainty, & Great At Hugging.

We Always Hold Hands. If I Let Go, She Shops.

Why Do Hot Girls Perish By Ugly Girls?

Don’t Ever Piss Off A Short Girl. They Are Like Cute, Tiny, Adorable Ninjas Of Death, Who Are At The Perfect Height To Punch You In The Balls. Short Girls Are Badass

Cute Short Girl Advantage #23 Finding A Taller Guy Has Never Been That Difficult

A Jealous Woman Does Better Research Than The FBI.

A Woman Has Only 2 Problems. 1. Nothing To Wear. 2. No Room For All The Clothes.

Women: Scientifically Proven To Be Right Even When They’re Wrong.

Behind Every Great Man Is A Woman 👩 Rolling Her Eyes.

Women Are Like Telephones They Like To Be Held And Talked To But If You Push The Wrong Buttons You Could Be Disconnected :]

Best Funny Quotes For Girls

Women Get The Last Word In Every Argument. Anything A Man Says After That Is The Beginning Of A New Argument.

Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth. Deal With It.

Virginity Is Not Dignity, It Is Just Lack Of Opportunity.

Women 👩 Fake Orgasms And Men Fake Finances.

Women Are Like Police, They Can Have All The Evidence In The World But They Still Want A Confession.

Of Course Women Don’t Look As Busy As Men. We Do It Right The First Time!!!

One Day, A Long Long Time Ago, There Was A Woman Who Didn’t Complain, Criticize, Or Nag…But Like I Said, It Was A Long Long Time Ago And Just For A Day!

When A Women Says “What?”, It’s Not Because She Didn’t Hear You. She’s Giving You A Chance To Change What You Said.

I Am The Boss In This House My Wife Told Me So.

There Are Two Ways To Rule A Women And No Body Knows Them..

Phones Are Better Than Girlfriends,👩 At Least We Can Switch Off.

Women Are Like Banks, They Take Every Cent You Got And Give You Very Little Interest..

80% Of Boys Have Girlfriends.. Rest 20% Are Having Brain.

Unique Funny Quotes For Girls 2020

If You Obey All The Rules, You Miss All The Fun.

I Embrace Mistakes, They Make You Who You Are.

I’m Not Offended By All The Dumb Blonde Jokes Because I Know I’m Not Dumb…And I Also Know That I’m Not Blonde.

Just Because I’m Sassy And Have A Mouth On Me Doesn’t Mean I’m Coming From A Negative Place.

A Girl 👩Should Be Two Things: Classy And Fabulous.

Don’t Get Bitter, Just Get Better.

You’re A Beautiful Girl,👩 And You Can Do Anything You Want In Life.

If You Can’t Make It Better, You Can Laugh At It.

Any Man Who Can Drive Safely While Kissing A Pretty Girl Is Simply Not Giving The Kiss The Attention It Deserves.

If You Have Something About Yourself That’s Different, You’re Lucky. It’s Not A Curse.

I Love To See A Young Girl Go Out And Grab The World By The Lapels. Life’s A Bitch. You’ve Got To Go Out And Kick Ass.

Too Many Girls Follow The Line Of Least Resistance, But A Good Line Is Hard To Resist.

I’m Single Because I Was Born That Way.

Pour Yourself A Drink, Put On Some Lipstick, And Pull Yourself Together.

What A Wonderful Life I’ve Had. I Only Wish I’d Realized It Sooner.

I Love The Person I’ve Become Because I Fought To Become Her.

Let’s Get Down And Dirty. Let’s Be A Real Girl.

It’s The Good Girls Who Keep Diaries; The Bad Girls Never Have The Time.

The Truth Will Set You Free. But First, It Will Piss You Off.

A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy And Fabulous

Behind Every Great Man, There Is A Surprised Woman.👩

If You Can’t Love Yourself, How In The Hell You Gonna Love Somebody Else?

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent.

A Woman 👩Without A Man Is Like A Fish Without A Bicycle.

The Whisper Of A Pretty Girl Can Be Heard Further Than The Roar Of A Lion.

All Little Girls Should Be Told They Are Pretty, Even If They Aren’t

A Woman Knows By Intuition, Or Instinct, What Is Best For Herself.

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